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Account Manager, Business Department

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Job Description:
1.According to the company's development direction, actively explore the company's customers, explore the financing needs of enterprises;
2.Responsible for maintaining the relationship between new and old customers;
3.Maintain team spirit, cooperate and develop together;
4.Complete other work assigned by the company。

Job requirements:
1.Understand the financing business, have relevant marketing experience;
2. Strong communication skills, independent customer visit and negotiation skills;
3.Can bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to frequent business trips, good at self-restraint and motivation, can work under pressure。

1.Pay the social security provident fund according to the provisions of the state
2.Performance bonus and year-end bonus are generous
3.Do five off two, normal statutory holidays, annual leave, etc
4.Other holiday employee benefits

Product manager

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Job Description:

1. Responsible for organizing research on innovative models such as leasing, factoring, industrial funds and non-standard financing;

2, responsible for writing industry research reports or dynamic information;

3. Assist the business department to complete the pre-project investigation, calculation, evaluation and program making;                    

4. Responsible for the daily business management of the company。

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in economics, finance, accounting, law, etc.

2, more than 2 years of leasing, banking, trust, fund and other institutions product development and management experience, with financial product design and operation experience;

3, independent successful industry research, project planning, program production, business training experience;

4, quick thinking, language expression and word organization ability, good health;

Business account manager

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Job responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the development of institutional customers in designated areas, regular business trips to visit and maintain customers, and establish good cooperative relations with financial institutions, government departments and related intermediaries;
2.Responsible for the business marketing of the region, complete the performance target;
3.Do a good job of project contract signing, implementation and management and other related work, and coordinate to deal with various intermediate problems;
4.Establish smooth financing channels and actively promote business development。
l Job Requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in finance and economics;
2.2 years or more related work experience;
3.Love the financial industry, have certain basic financial knowledge, and the ability to continue to learn financial knowledge;
4.Strong oral expression ability, business negotiation ability, public relations ability, coordination ability and business development ability;
5.Strong sense of responsibility and strong executive ability, can work under pressure。
6.Experience in banking, trust, insurance, fund, securities, finance company, financial leasing, factoring, guarantee and other marketing is preferred。

Money manager

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Job responsibility

1.Seek, excavate and maintain banks, new energy industry funds and other financing channels to provide financing support for the company's supply chain factoring assets;
2.Collect and analyze financial capital market information such as banks and new energy industry funds to ensure the smooth implementation of the company's future financing plan;
3.Assist to establish and improve the company's external capital and financing management system;
4.Establish good business relations with banks and non-bank financial institutions, and establish smooth financing channels。
l Job Requirements:
1.Bachelor degree or above in finance, investment, finance, business administration, banking experience is preferred;
2.Familiar with the operation system of banks and other financial institutions, and have successful financing experience in banks or other financial institutions;
3.Have a wide range of contacts and resources in banks and other financial institutions, proficient in financing channels;
4.Familiar with capital operation business, familiar with national laws and policies related to financial, economic, fiscal and taxation and management system reform;
5.Excellent capital business development and operation ability, quick thinking, familiar with interpersonal skills;
6.Strong communication and coordination skills, able to work under high pressure。

Business director

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l The position is located in Hangzhou/Wenzhou/Taiwan/Jin/Shao/Li/Qu
I. Job responsibilities:
1.According to the company's business development needs, led the team to find and explore the financing needs of hydropower stations in the target region, and completed the sales target;
2.Develop and manage team members, formulate overall and phased sales strategies, and continuously enhance team members' sales ability;
3.Responsible for relevant cooperation projects, complete the whole process from initial contact, communication follow-up, cooperation planning and cooperation realization;
4.Maintain the company's existing cooperation resources and partnerships, and create new cooperation points for existing resources;
Ii. Job Requirements:
1.At least 1 year experience in team management;
2.Have strong market development ability, business negotiation ability and rich local social relations and resources;
3.Hard-working, strong sense of responsibility;
4.Hydropower station, power supply bureau, water bureau and other related resources are preferred。

Risk control manager

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